Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Day: Wednesday
Time: 8.43 a.m
Location: Intermediate Ring Road, Bangalore

Have you ever cruised along a 3 km stretch at 60 kmph on Bangalore’s increasingly crowded roads on any working day? No, I’m not talking about the numerous peripheral roads leading out of the city, but arterial roads well inside city limits!

It’s any city dweller's dream to start at 8.40 am from home & reach office before 9 am! Unless you’re rich enough to live in a posh neighbourhood near your sprawling office complex or your office is located on the terrace of your apartment for want of realty space elsewhere :)

And if you’re taking the IRR (as it’s fondly called), you know you belong to an elite group of commuters! The IRR stretches from the Airport Road flyover and winds its way south, passing through Domlur, Ejipura & Koramangala. The road’s very wide, by Bangalore’s standards and between signals traffic flows smoothly along. The best part of it is the stretch between the Ejipura signal & Golf Links Business Park where it passes through a golf course and grassy vegetation. The cold morning breeze and the bright sun are refreshing. And the evening sunset of course! (It makes a great picture). And you can see luxury cars, BMTC buses & bikes whizzing along. And then there’s this Ejipura signal that turns red with unfailing regularity, every time I approach it [I haven’t been able to break this jinx yet :)].

Yes it does have its share of problems too! But putting aside a few potholes and that occasional generous spray of water from a passing vehicle soon after the rains, this road is a blessing! For it makes your commute a little better.

Everytime I pass that reflective green board that proudly displays ‘Intermediate Ring Road’, I do feel thankful to be taking this road everyday!

And you’ll all agree with me on this!


Vijesh said...

You know what? There was one more beautiful spectacle of the flights less than 100 mts above intercepting the IRR, when they come into the old airport to land. Its an awesome sight to watch.. I miss it a lot now..

Nishanth said...

@Vijesh: Must've been great watching them! I cannot hope to do that now however!

Abirami R said...

I love this template!

Red and Grey are a riot!One of the things I miss dearly after I moved to wordpress.

And yeah,I love the intermediate road too :)

Vishal said...

IRR...our office is shift in this highway this will hopefully make us feel better than smoky (cigaratte people crowd) entrance of BDA Complex.

Vishal said...

The shifting of our office to this IRR will definitely made us feel better than Smoky entrance of BDA Complex (many smoker fav places).
hope there wont be any signal later with introduction of flyover by Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) IN IRR.